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Mission/Vision for Del Sur Elementary School

Eric Takeshita , Principal


Mission Statement

Del Sur will be a progressive school dedicated to providing high levels of learning for all students while being focused on their academic and social development. We want our Explorers to be problem solvers and thinkers in an ever changing world.


Del Sur Elementary Vision

To inspire future 21st century global citizens, Del Sur Elementary will educate the whole child academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. Our child-centered focus will respect individual learning styles and nurture each student’s unique gifts and abilities thus allowing them to discover their own genius.

Our balanced and rigorous program provides instruction in all content areas including the arts, sciences, and physical education producing well-rounded, college-ready students. Learning opportunities will foster curiosity, creativity, and academic achievement through a standards-based curriculum that promotes inquiry, discovery, and challenges students to rise to their highest potential.

Our community of learners will become caring, empathetic, global citizens through service learning projects. Students will appreciate diversity, treat others with kindness, and be conscious of the natural environment and strive to preserve it. Partnered with our state of the art technology, students at Del Sur will connect with the rest of the world giving them an unparalleled education. Our community of global learners will continue their quest to investigate the world around them. Students will become technologically literate and teachers are dedicated to continuing their own technology education.

Our talented and caring teaching staff is among the very finest. Their high standards for quality instruction, unwavering commitment to the profession, and dedication to professional development will ignite enthusiasm for learning.

An educational compass will guide students through collaborative relationships with teachers, parents, and members of the community. This overall spirit of collaboration will give rise to a life long love of learning.

Our diversity will be embraced as we explore the richness of our past, the opportunities of the present, and the infinite possibilities of the future.

Culture of Universal Achievement

One Focused Goal In order to be college ready, all students will meet or exceed grade level standards in ELA and math while developing habits of mind, including critical thinking skills and good study habits.

Core Belief Among All Staff All children can learn at high levels, and it is OUR responsibility to ensure that they do.
Safe and Orderly Environment
High Expectations for Staff and Students
School Climate Conducive to Learning
Parent Involvement


Staff Collective Commitments

  • 21st Century Learning
    • We believe in providing an instructional program that cultivates an understanding and practice of civic responsibility.
    • We value a rich curriculum which stimulates interests and intellectual curiosity.
    • We believe it is our responsibility to prepare our students to become creative problem solvers who can be flexible and adapt to a changing world.
    • We value and believe it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for technological advancement.
  • Value Diversity
    • We believe our children should be valued and respected for their individual gifts and diversity.
    • We believe that all of our students deserve to be recognized for his or her efforts as well as his or her accomplishments and achievements.
  • Climate
    • We believe our school should be a safe and secure environment.
    • We are committed to providing an environment for all children that promotes self-esteem and self-worth.
    • We are committed to an environment that promotes mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and good citizenship.
    • We value a teaching environment that respects each individual’s learning styles and developmental needs.
    • We believe that learning should be enjoyable and that life-long learning should be a goal for every person.
  • Teamwork
    • We value collaborative and integrated relationships between our school and greater community.
    • We are committed to collaboration and teamwork.
  • Assessments
    • We are committed to administer specific assessments throughout the school year. We believe that careful follow through on these assessments and goals within this plan will result in higher achievement for all students.
    • We will share assessment information with our students and parents which will encourage student participation through the development of individual goals.